Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

October, 2021
Darkness, Healing, Intentional

I started a nine-month Shamanic Reiki Master training program last weekend, as I’ve been called to deepen my practices and connection to the elements to continue embodying a powerful woman with medicine to share.

The thing I was blind to upon the start—I’m sure that was no mistake by spirit—was that this will be a year of going deeper into my shadow and healing than I have ever been before…and if you know me, you know I’ve been in the depths more than once.

What I continue to feel for my self, the collective, and others is that the time is now. There’s an urgency for this shift that far outweighs any doubts, fears, and trepidations to maintain the perceived safety of smallness.

While I can acknowledge the roots of the fears of rejection and abandonment that have previously held me back, for the first time, I’m not scared of the greater unknown outcome of going into my darkness.

For the first time, I know the absolute most loving thing I can do for myself is this very conscious, very intentional deeper dive into the places I have yet to touch, so I am going there willingly rather than forced by (spirit-guided) circumstance.

I don’t actually know what will come up. Some of it feels really big—like generations of ancestral trauma and oppression built up—some of it feels like cloudy personal things I haven’t been ready to remember…

But all of it will strengthen my heart, my purpose, my medicine.

In the meantime, I’m still offering myself and services. Others are helping me in my process of remembering my wholeness, and I am here to help you.

Please reach out if you’re feeling called to receive reiki, explore empowerment coaching, or learn/deepen your practices of yoga and/or meditation. It would be my greatest honor to support your journey home to you.

With Love and Gratitude,


Photo Credit: Michael Mouritz

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