First Full Moon 2021

January, 2021
Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Authenticity

I’m sitting here writing this to you in the kitchen, on my dad’s birthday, glimpsing 1:11pm in my periphery, with the aromatic smells of banana walnut muffins in the oven, roasted potatoes on the skillet, and a vegetable stew in the crock pot.
There is a feeling of importance, of tradition, but also of immense and necessary impending change in the air …and in my heart.

My body is tired.
My soul is tired.

So much has happened in the last year–positive and negative–ultimately all for the greatest good, but I’m ready to rest. To retreat into hibernation and give myself the care I need from existing in this crazy time, and to really give myself the gift of winter slow-down maybe for the first time ever.
…while equally gearing up to move out of New York City over the next month, and with the announcement of the launch of my very first website and a laundry list of offerings to help YOU through this time as well.
Because balance 🙂

The first full moon of 2021 was in the sign of Leo, and is often referred to as the Wolf moon. The full moon comes with the energy of illumination, related to your inner world, emotions, intuition, and bringing what remains in unconscious darkness, into the light.
The sign of leo is often related to expression and being seen and acknowledged.
The lion as an animal often goes hand-in-hand with bravery, and the wolf is viewed in many cultures as a very sacred animal of instinct, autonomy, personal power, and loyal protection.

2020 showed us our dirt–individually and collectively–in a very uncomfortable, very tangible way, giving us the opportunity to do something with it if we chose to accept the challenge.

Blending that together with these full moon vibes and a little intuitive channeling, our message for the start of this new year is one of acknowledgment, acceptance, and authenticity.

We can use the illumination of the full moon to acknowledge and accept where we are in this very moment, no matter how good or bad, high or low it feels, remembering that the moon cycles, nature cycles, life cycles. Nothing is permanent; change is the only constant. So where you are now is transient. Allow yourself to exhale.

We can call on the bravery of the lion to face our inner world and what remains of old stories that aren’t serving this next version of our selves and life so we can get back in touch with who we really are, what we really need and therefore straight into authentic expression.

We can trust our innate instincts like the wolf, our intuition, to guide us into alignment, even if it looks different than the rest of the pack. By standing firmly in our power, enacting boundaries that protect our health and well being, we are better able to show up in the world.

By living here in this most personally authentic way, we give ourselves the permission of honest acceptance and self expression which is the place our soul can rest in, which is the place our soul can thrive in, because it is the place where Truth and Love reside. Leading by this example gives others permission to do much of the same and that is the place where we are all seen and heard on the deepest level, the place where we are all connected.

I’m sharing all this with you to acknowledge that it’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to be confused, frustrated, angry, processing grief. It’s okay to be wherever you’re at, and it’s especially okay to acknowledge and admit it to yourself and others.

Transitioning through the unknown and changing your life so that it’s more aligned with your own wants and needs (not what you’re told you should want or need) takes not only courage, but a lot of energy and effort. It takes presence and clarity. It sometimes takes acknowledging yourself when it feels like no one else is or will. It takes honesty and humble humility. It takes accepting what is with gentle compassion. It takes recognizing when you need help, and asking for it. It takes strength, dedication, and determination. It takes time. And it takes knowing when it’s time to rest.

If you’re still looking for permission, this is it: Be you, my love. Unapologetically you.


Photo credit: David Dibert

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