100 Words or Less

June, 2020
Acceptance, Love, Self

Smile bigger, biggest.
Constant laughter
as variable as feelings felt:
all the feels.

Internal awkward movement versus
external sexy sways.
Paradox embodied.

Lips and legs, but dat ass!
Assets: intelligence, humor, compassion.
Creative. Creatrix.

Thoughts spinning wheels, spinning webs
Interconnected, related in love.

Diamond in the ruff cuts deep,
Dig deeper, there’s so much more.
Uncommon, or the better version of “original”.
Even greater: one-of-a-kind.
Can’t copy that—no original,
only one.

Truth and Light and Love like you have
never felt or seen.

100 words or less.
In 99, that is me.


Photo credit: Shaun Gillen

Year in Review

Year in Review

How you end something plays an integral part in beginning something new, so before rushing through the holidays and thinking about what your New Years Resolutions should be, use the questions in this article to spend some time in review.



With humility and presence, you can turn a simple inconsistent expression of a word—gratitude—into a daily practice that bares more fruits of consistent “labor”, into the full embodiment that fills you with contentment and peace.