Shape of Love

April, 2020
Gratitude, Resilience, Strength

I am grateful for how much life continues to break my heart.
Because it shows me

…of love and strength and resilience.

Like an ever growing patchwork quilt, another heartache is sewn on—a badge of honor for my ability to carry on.

The little girl inside me
fighting to keep the flickering Open sign on her heart visible,
grabs a broom and sweeps the pieces into a new shape of love.

One that looks like Home,
nestled deep in the seat of my own Divine being.
Home is where the heart is;
nowhere else but here.


Photo credit: Roman Kraft

Year in Review

Year in Review

How you end something plays an integral part in beginning something new, so before rushing through the holidays and thinking about what your New Years Resolutions should be, use the questions in this article to spend some time in review.



With humility and presence, you can turn a simple inconsistent expression of a word—gratitude—into a daily practice that bares more fruits of consistent “labor”, into the full embodiment that fills you with contentment and peace.