Broken vs Broken

February, 2020
Cycles, Grief, Hope

I took my forehead off the mirror
lifting my gaze from knuckles gripped like camouflage to the white porcelain sink
and caught my own reflection.

I watched closely as each tear traced the same pathway
from my eyes down the rough terrain of my face,

collecting at the bottom
until the weight (and gravity)
allowed grief
to drip heavily from my chin.

one Lone Ranger—my tear of hope—
foraged a new path,
reminding me:

Cycles can be broken.


Photo credit: Ron Smith

Year in Review

Year in Review

How you end something plays an integral part in beginning something new, so before rushing through the holidays and thinking about what your New Years Resolutions should be, use the questions in this article to spend some time in review.



With humility and presence, you can turn a simple inconsistent expression of a word—gratitude—into a daily practice that bares more fruits of consistent “labor”, into the full embodiment that fills you with contentment and peace.