La Luna

July, 2019
Balance, Cycles, Darkness

Everyone faces West as the sun puts on its second show of the day:

an ostentatious sunset of deeply saturated orange
melting into cotton candy pinks and purples
painted across an endless sky

where the cloud corps swirls per the wind’s direction
creating colorful patterns you don’t need drugs to see.

Nighttime’s curtain closes after the sun’s final bow,
tucking us in with darkness and little glimmers of hope
that twinkle for those who aren’t scared to stay and explore what the shadow holds…

And all the while, the moon looks on quietly from behind
a steady space holder
while we drift to a dreamland or alternate realm of reality,
feeling safe enough in her presence to surrender our consciousness
for a just a little while.

Her work goes mostly unnoticed—
generally unnamed—
but 13 times a year
where she is visibly in her fullest expression reminding us all of the cyclic nature
of nature.

Reminding us to keep going—
especially when no one is looking.

Reminding us we are always whole
even if there are parts unseen.

Reminding us of the greater powers that be.

Reminding us that when we are brave enough to convene with darkness,
there’s nothing to fear,
for we will always be held,

and because of the balance created within duality,

the sun will rise again.


Photo credit: Sanni Sahil

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Most of the time, we are forced into change by circumstance, but for the first time I am walking there willingly. The kindest and most loving thing we can do is to walk straight into our darkness and face it.

Painting New Life

Painting New Life

This is a little farewell note acknowledging that while I’m leaving city life to my younger, more energetic contemporaries, I’m also painting new life into my own new landscape.

More on Trust

More on Trust

Growth is on the other side of our comfort zone, and surrender & trust are often difficult to do–especially in times of uncertainty–but they go hand-in-hand in giving you the real safety and security you desire in life.